Backing Track #5

by Blue Dreams

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Backing Track #5
Music By Dave Joanes
Lyrics/Vocals by T.J. Phoenix

In the leftover pieces
from here to there
I’m trying to fit the circle
inside of the square…

Time will tell if
My reasoning
being simple
and clear…
one more backing track,
nothing you need remember:

Just a patchwork
of intentions
from eternity
to here…

In the leftover pieces
I’ve been
on my floor
memories of lives
that have
come and gone
I've seen their faces
all before
just another backing track
on a never-ending road
but maybe
one day
if it mattered
it mattered
at all…

Still here I am
and here I go again
making lemonade
for the 10,749 time again…

Getting good at it,
that’s for sure
what else can I
what else can I do
just a backing track girl
trying to reinvent
some meaning
so that maybe
when the light of day shines
I’ll shine as well
and you will know and then
this won’t just be
backing track #5
in your heart of hearts
you will find
you will find

In the leftover pieces
from here to there
to there
to there
the horizon
that still someday may be
still fitting the circle
inside the square
I know it’s easy
I never said it was hard

time will tell
if my reasoning
be understood at all

this patchwork
of intentions
from eternity to
backing track #5


released August 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Blue Dreams Portland, Oregon

T.J. Phoenix is a lyricist,composer,vocalist,multi-instrumentalist who is also one of the senior engineers on all her studio projects. Her main collaborators include: Peter Mortensen, Cait Collins, John MacDonald, David Joanes, Exile Pots, Adam Parker, Bruce Beerman, and an occasional cast of many other fine composers... She writes what she lives. ... more

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